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      Libraries of Research Institutes and Organizations: Legislative Framework and Practice [1]
      Living acts of dead bodies: Death and religion of the nation in Serbia in 19th century [1]
      Marital and Family Life in Northern Šumadija in the Second half of the 20th Century [1]
      Music spectacle as a form of mass gathering in Serbia [1]
      Nаslеdnо-svојinski оdnоsi u Vrаnju i оkоlini u drugој pоlоvini dvаdеsеtоg vеkа [1]
      Olivera Mladenović and Folk Dances in the Context of Serbian Ethnology [1]
      Orations, sermons and moralities on the feast of the annuciation, as translated and adapted by Gavril Stefanović Venclović [1]
      Rađanje živih mrtvaca: karakteristike žanra zombi filma i Romerova vizija apokalipse [1]
      Self-rated health and teenage pregnancies in Roma women: Increasing height is associated with better health outcomes [1]
      Sjedinjene Države “Zombilenda”: migracije u popularnoj kulturi na primeru epidemije zombija [1]
      Some issues of shaping thanatology as a discipline: Ethnological and anthropological perspectives [1]
      Soul of Dandelion Religion, Death and Politics in the “Seeing off” of the Body and Funeral of Patriarch Pavle [1]
      Stature and education among Roma women: taller stature is associated with better educational and economic outcomes [1]
      The Differential Impact of Religion on Self-reported Health among Serbian Roma Women [1]
      The Janković Sisters' Legacy in the National Library of Serbia [1]
      The role of football in the construction of local and global identity in contemporary Serbia [1]
      The suffering of a woman in Euripides' tragedies [1]
      Zemlja u ritualima i verovanjima Srba [1]
      Zoološki vrtovi u Srbiji u antropološkoj perspektivi [1]
      Zoos in Serbia: an anthropological perspective [1]