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      O војним овлашћењима логотета дрома у 8. веку [1]
      O проблему такозваних сложених округа на Балкану у XI веку - два примера [1]
      On the Conception of Homeric Allegories in the Twelfth Century [1]
      On the military competences of the logothetes tou dromou in the 8th century [1]
      On the Serbian-Bulgarian border in the 9th–10th centuries [1]
      On the threshold of certainty: The Incredulity of Thomas in the narthex of the katholikon of the Hosios Loukas Monastery [1]
      On Theophylact’s in Defense of Eunuchs (I) [1]
      Quel etait le peuple pannonien qui parlait μεδoς et strava? [1]
      Sacred and profane topography in a medieval Serbian parish – An outline [1]
      Saint Sisoes above the grave of Alexander the Great. A monastic theme of post-Byzantine art and its examples from the 17th century Serbian painting [1]
      Samuilo's state : its extent and character [1]
      Semantra and Bells in Byzantium [1]
      Serbia and Dioclea in the work of John Skylitzes [1]
      Settlement of the Slavs in Asia Minor During the Rule of Justinian Ii and the Bishopric Των Γορδοσερβων [1]
      Some Remarks on the Divergences in the Narrative of George Akropolites and Theodore Skoutariotes [1]
      The Archbishopric of Ohrid in the Byzantine World [1]
      The Byzantine and Hungarian Syrmia in the 10th–13th centuries [1]
      The Byzantine title of Constantine Bodin [1]
      The Byzantine titles of Jovan Oliver. A contribution to the issues of their origin and chronology [1]
      The co-rulership of John V Palaiologos [1]