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      A fragment of Embryology in the Manuscript of the Monastery of Kyrillo-Belozero XII (223v - 226r) [1]
      A hypothesis about the origin and administrative status of the Vardariōtai in the Byzantine Empire [1]
      A note on Homer the Raven [1]
      An architectural workshop from the 2nd decade of the 15th century in the border regions of Bulgaria and Serbia [1]
      Bequests in archives of the Athonite monasteries (XIII-XV century) [1]
      Bürgerkriege in Byzanz im 14. Jahrhundert: Propaganda und die „Kämpfe der Schreibfeder“ [1]
      Byzantine Themes [1]
      Byzantine World in the Balkans [2]
      Castration as a Consequence of the Strengthening of the Dynastic Principle [1]
      Changes on the Serbian throne in 1370–1371: an attempt at reinterpretation [1]
      Chartes portant sur les adelphata. Contribution à la diplomatique byzantino-serbe [1]
      Church Policy of Byzantium from the end of Iconoclasm to the Death of Emperor Basil I [1]
      Constantine Porphyrogenitus, De administrando imperio and the Byzantine historiography of the mid - 10th century [1]
      Das Problem der sogenannten zusammengesetzten Bezirke auf dem Balkan im 11. Jahrhundert: Zwei Fallbeispiele [1]
      Das Pronoia-System:ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des Feudalismus in Byzanz und den südslavischen Ländern [1]
      Date of the composition of the Notitiae Episcopatuum Ecclesiae Constantinopolitanae nos.4,5 and 6 [1]
      Depictions of holy monks in the western bay of the Church of the Virgin in Studenica [1]
      Emperor’s Daughter in Love with a Prisoner: Comparing the Stories of Scylitzes and Anonymus Presbyter Diocleae [1]
      Epirus state society in the first half of the 13th century [1]
      Georgia Xanthaki-Karamanou, ed., Ἡ πρόσληψη τῆς ἀρχαιότητας στὸ Βυζάντιο, κυρίως κατὰ τοὺς παλαιολόγειους χρόνους [The Reception of Antiquity in Byzantium, with Emphasis on the Palaeologan Era]. Athens: Εκδόσεις Παπαζήση, 2014. [1]