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      "Мађар курир" о Првом српском устанку [1]
      (De)compression as the semantic mechanism in the political cartoon [1]
      (Де)компресија као семантички механизам у политичкој карикатури [1]
      A contrastive analysis of the performative appoint and its Serbian correspondents [1]
      A prolegomenon to automatic detection of errors in the treatment of lexical anisomorphism [1]
      A proposal for the modernization of work on the SANU Dictionary of the Serbo-Croatian Literary and Vernacular Language [1]
      A. Brendler / S. Brendler (Hrg.), Europäische Personennamensysteme. Ein Handbuch von Abasisch bis Zentralladinisch, Hamburg 2007 [1]
      About the meaning of the noun vatra and oganj in the Serbian language [1]
      Accent of Pronouns in Literary Serbo-Croatian [1]
      Adjective antonymy in a dictionary, context and cognitive system [1]
      Adjectives meaning ‘curly’ in the Serbian language: On the material of the common Slavic linguistic atlas [1]
      Albano-Slavica [1]
      Alcuni effetti della mistaglossia a piu livelli sull'area slavo meridionale [1]
      Aleksandar Belić and The South Slavic Philologist [1]
      Alemko Gluhak, Hrvatski etimološki rječnik, Zagreb 1993, August Cesarec, 832. str. [1]
      Alphabet and Orthography-Related Problems in the Serbian Society of Letters [1]
      Altserbisch Sebrь, serbokroatisch Verältet S(R)Ebar im gemeinslavischen und indoeuropäischen Kontext [1]
      An Attempt at Defining Words in Serbo-Croatian [1]
      Antologija stare srpske književnosti : [приказ] [1]
      Application of prototype theory in representing polysemy [1]