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      Silver nanoparticles within functionalized hydrogels for plasmonic (bio)chemical sensors [1]
      Simultaneous anodization/anaphoretic electrodeposition synthesis of nano calcium phosphate/titanium oxide composite coatings assisted with chitosan oligosaccharide lactate [2]
      Simultaneous enhancement of natural sunlight- and artificial UV-driven photocatalytic activity of a mechanically activated ZnO/SnO2 composite [1]
      Simultaneous Removal of Divalent Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solutions Using Raw and Mechanochemically Treated Interstratified Montmorillonite/Kaolinite Clay [1]
      Simultaneous thermal analysis and dilatometric study of HAp-LiFePO4 system [1]
      Sintering and Properties of Sintered ZnTiO3 [1]
      Sintering effects on microstructure and dielectric properties of CCTO ceramics [1]
      Sintering Effects on Microstructure and Electrical Properties of CaCu3Ti4O12 Ceramics [2]
      Sintering of alumina doped with different oxides, followed by sensitive dilatometer [1]
      Sintering of cordierite in the presence of MoO3 and crystallization analysis [2]
      Sintering of Defect-Free BaTi0.975Sn0.025O3/BaTi0.85Sn0.15O3 Functionally Graded Materials [1]
      Sintering of defect-free functionally graded biomaterials [1]
      Sintering of fly ash based composites with zeolite and bentonite addition for application in construction materials [1]
      Sintering of mechanically activated magnesium-titanate and barium-zinc-titanate ceramics [1]
      Sintering of mechanically activated Zno-TiO 2 powders [1]
      Sintering of the mechanically activated MgO-TiO2 system [1]
      Sintering of Zinc-Titanate [1]
      Sintering process influence on microstructure and intergranular impedance of rare-earth modified BaTiO3-ceramics [1]
      Sinterovanje i svojstva sinterovanog ZnTiO3 [2]
      Sinteza i dizajniranje strukture i osobina hidroksiapatit/polilaktid kompozitnih biomaterijala [1]