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Thе Concept of Beauty in Andrić’s Stories (Anika’s Times, Jelena, The Woman Of My Dream, The Bridge On The Žepa)

dc.creatorРистић, Стана
dc.description.abstractУ раду је представљен концепт лепоте у насловљеним Андрићевим приповет- кама у три међусобно повезане и условљене равни: у равни језичке (наивне) слике света, која је својствена носиоцима српског језика, у равни уметничко-естетског комплекса, који се може разматрати у контексту развоја појма естетике у европској култури и уметности, и у равни мисаоно-филозофског промишљања овог феномена.sr
dc.description.abstractIt has been shown in this article that the concept of beauty in the abovementioned Andrić’s stories is realized along three interconnected and interdependent planes: a plane of linguistic (folk) worldview, typical of the Serbian speakers, a plane of artistic-aesthetic complex and, finally, a plane of reflective-philosophical considerations of this phenomenon. On the bases of excerpted structural units signifying concepts of beauty, gestalt, frames and scenarios, we have pointed out that Andrić’s sense of aesthetics, realized in the concept of beauty as a bait and a trap in a man’s life path, in ontological sense, follows the mainstream of European aesthetics, ranging from the ancient Greek metaphysical, cosmological concept of eternal beauty, followed by the metaphysical theological concept of beauty as „the divine light“, to European new age and the deconstruction of the concept of beauty in the age of modernism. Therefore, this linguistic investigation has proved that Andrić’s concept of beauty, explicitly stated in a note on beauty and implicitly realized in his stories, may well serve as a basis for its critical appraisal in the context of European historical development of the philosophical and artistic notion of
dc.publisherGraz : Institut für Slawistik der Karl-Franzens-Universitätsr
dc.publisherBeograd : Beogradska knjigasr
dc.sourceIvo Andrić – literat und diplomat im schatten zweier weltkriege (1925–1941) = Ivo Andrić – književnik i diplomata u sjeni dvaju svjetskih ratova (1925–1941)sr
dc.subjectИво Андрићsr
dc.subjectконцепт лепотеsr
dc.titleКонцепт лепоте у Андрићевим приповеткама (Аникина времена, Јелена, жена које нема, мост на жепи)sr
dc.titleThе Concept of Beauty in Andrić’s Stories (Anika’s Times, Jelena, The Woman Of My Dream, The Bridge On The Žepa)sr
dcterms.abstractRistić, Stana; Koncept lepote u Andrićevim pripovetkama (Anikina vremena, Jelena, žena koje nema, most na žepi); The Concept of Beauty in Andrić’s Stories (Anika’s Times, Jelena, The Woman Of My Dream, The Bridge On The Žepa);

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