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Оn a Sentence Type with the Verb Trebati

dc.creatorТанасић, Срето
dc.description.abstractУ раду се говори о безличним реченицама са глаголом требати у предикату, и то о једном типу безличних реченица с овим предикатом: када се уз глагол требати јавља глаголска допуна. На основу анализе језичке грађе из књижевноумјетничког и новинарског стила разматра се начин образовања тих реченица.sr
dc.description.abstractThe paper is about impersonal sentences with the verb trebati in the predicate, and about one type of an impersonal sentence with such a predicate: when the verb trebati is accompanied by a verbal addition. On the basis of the analysis of language corpus from literal- artistic and journalistic style, the formation of such sentences is considered. It is shown that this verb behaves differently in comparison to other modal verbs. Namely, the fact is that this verb in predicate cannot form a type of an impersonal sentence known in Serbian literature as depersonalized sentence (an impersonal sentence characterized by the presence of actant agent in the performance of the action implied by the predicate), but the actant is not formally implied by a separate means. The reason for the impossibility for the formation of such sentence is the fact that the very verb trebati is an impersonal one, and the infinitive, which complements to it, is also an impersonal verb form, so there is no need nor possibility for an impersonal sentence to be subdued to the process of impersonalization by introducing the element se as a means and a sign of depersonalized
dc.publisherНиш : Филозофски факултетsr
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MESTD/Basic Research (BR or ON)/178021/RS//
dc.sourceГодишњак за српски језик и књижевностsr
dc.subjectсрпски језикsr
dc.subjectглагол требатиsr
dc.subjectбезлична реченицаsr
dc.subjectобезличена реченицаsr
dc.titleО једном типу реченица с глаголом требатиsr
dc.titleОn a Sentence Type with the Verb Trebatisr
dcterms.abstractTanasić, Sreto; On a Sentence Type with the Verb Trebati; O jednom tipu rečenica s glagolom trebati;

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