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Three Novaković’s Manuscripts Dedicated To Current Issues Of Lexicographic Problems And Lexicographic Practice

dc.creatorЈошић, Неђо Г.
dc.description.abstractАутор се у раду бави Новаковићевим списима насталим у периоду од 1878. до 1893. године. На основу њих дефинишу се лексикографска гледишта Стојана Новаковића посвећена питањима неге српскога језика и актуелној лексикографској проблематици, утврђује његов значај у развоју српске лексикографске мисли.sr
dc.description.abstractNovaković’s manuscripts dedicated to current issues of lexicographic problems and lexicographic practice of his time present the fundamental basis for the development of lexicographic ideas and lexicographic views among the Serbs. In his Pismo (1878), the author raised the questions of the lexicographic problems of the Slovene south and gave a review of Daničićev’s Ogledi; in Poslanica (1888) Novaković delineated a natural linguistic framework for the development of the Serbian language focused on the programme of the compilation of contemporary descriptive dictionary; in Predlog (1893) he initiated the establishment of the Lexicographic department and provided specific guidelines for compilation of the Srpski Rečnik (The Dictionary of the Serbian Langauge). Expertly outlining the developmental path of the Serbian language and the Serbian descriptive lexicography in the twentieth century, Novaković conceptually and practically became its head; the period of contemporary lexicographic understanding among the Serbs starts with Novaković.sr
dc.publisherБеоград : Међународни славистички центар на Филолошком факултетуsr
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MESTD/Basic Research (BR or ON)/178009/RS//sr
dc.sourceНаучни састанак слависта у Вукове данеsr
dc.subjectStojan Novakovićsr
dc.subjectСтојан Новаковићsr
dc.subjectлексикографски списиsr
dc.subjectсавремени рјечник српског језикаsr
dc.subjectlexicographic manuscriptssr
dc.subjectcontemporary dictionary of the Serbian languagesr
dc.titleТри Новаковићева списа посвећена актуелним питањима лексикографске проблематике и лексикографске праксеsr
dc.titleThree Novaković’s Manuscripts Dedicated To Current Issues Of Lexicographic Problems And Lexicographic Practicesr
dcterms.abstractJošić, Neđo G.; Tri Novakovićeva spisa posvećena aktuelnim pitanjima leksikografske problematike i leksikografske prakse;

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