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S.-h. Koca 'dorsum montis, montis genus; clivus' - етимолошко-семантички поглед

dc.creatorВлајић-Поповић, Јасна
dc.description.abstractThe paper deals with a case of multiple homonymy as reflected in the S.-Cr noun kosa. Leaving aside the etymologically identical pair of *kosa "coma" and kosa "falx" known to all Slavic languages (and therefore reconstructed for PS1. too, as obvious postverbals of PSI. *česati), as well as the newly established *kosa "aggregatio erosionis fluminis, promontorium", the author focuses on yet another homonymous noun in S.-Cr.: kosa "dorsum montis montis genus; clivus" which has hitherto not been given a satisfactory etymological interpretation. Four existing etymologies (three counting on various metaphors of already recognized nouns and one in favor of substantivisation of the adjective *kosb) are discussed and rejected as insufficiently persuading. Basic argumentation is presented for describing this semantically ambiguous geographic term as a post verbal of S.-Cr. kositi "cut; hit, fight; quarrel, hurt, etc.", a nomen resultativum meaning "that which has been cut (off)", specifically "cliff. This solution being formally unproblematic, the discussion is focused on semantic and typological parallels furnished by synonymous series of verbs and nouns derived from them within Serbo-Croatian itself.en
dc.description.abstractU radu se razmatraju četiri moguća etimološka rešenja za s.-h. kosa f "dorsum montis; clivus" i kao najverovatnije se predlaže njeno tumačenje kao postverbala glagola kosiši "seći; udarati rggd." (u vezi sa pel. *česati) što se potkrepljuje tipološkim
dc.sourceЈужнословенски филолог
dc.titleS.-CR. Koca 'Dorsum montis; clivus: An etymological-semantic viewen
dc.titleS.-h. Koca 'dorsum montis, montis genus; clivus' - етимолошко-семантички погледsr
dcterms.abstractVlajić-Popović, Jasna; S.-h. Koca 'dorsum montis, montis genus; clivus' - etimološko-semantički pogled;
dc.citation.other(58): 29-40

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