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      Category of degree in the Serbian language [1]
      Dictionary of the Timok Dialect [1]
      Diminutives in the Prizren-Timok Dialects of Serbian : (With a Glimpse at the Situation in Bulgarian and Macedonian Standard Languages) [1]
      Grammatical and cognitive aspects of lexical meaning [1]
      Microtoponymy of lower course of the Jablanica [1]
      Modification of Meaning and Lexical Modifiers in Serbian [1]
      On Words in the Serbian Language [1]
      Orcharding lexis and terminology in the Serbian language [1]
      Pronouns in the dialects of southwest Kosovo and Metohija [1]
      Serbian Linguistic Terminology in The 19th Century [1]
      Serbian phraseology and religion [1]
      The Expressive Lexicon in the Serbain Language [1]
      The speech of Upper Pčinja: phonetics and morphology [1]
      The Stratification of the Serbian Lexicon and the Lexical Norm [1]
      The Vernacular of Gatnje, a Village in the South of Kosovo [1]
      Turcisms in the Serbian Speech of Prizren : based on material from the Lexicon manuscript by Dimitrije Čemerikić [1]
      Verbs Ending in -(j)eti, -im in Correlation with Verbs Ending in -iti, im in the Serbian Contemprorary Language [1]
      Verbs with a Twist [1]
      Воћарска лексика и терминологија у српском језику [1]
      Глаголи на -(ј)ети, -им у корелацији са глаголима на -ити, -им у савременом српском језику (нормативни и лексикографски аспект) [1]