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      On Declension of Nouns with the Meaning of Relatives in Syntagmatic Relations [1]
      On Forms of Phytonym Nalep [1]
      On some Aspects of English Language Impact on Usage of some Constructions in Serbian Language (Based on Constructions najbolji ikad and broj jedan) [1]
      On Some Formative Variable Types of Adjectives Indicating Colors [1]
      On the Adequacy of the Expressions (s) obzirom (na to) da i (s) obzirom na [1]
      On the Grammatical Definition of Personal Nouns in Serbian Lexicography [1]
      On the Names and Basic Characteristics of the Grape Vine in Vojvodina [1]
      On the Syllabic Difference Between some Lexical Items Used by Vuk and by Speakers of Actual Standard Serbian [1]
      On ’Conjunctive’ And ’Transjunctive’ [1]
      Platysemy and Similisemy in the Polysemantic Structure of One Lexeme [1]
      Prefixation and Rection of Communication Verbs (researched on the verb govoriti) [1]
      Principles for Compilation of a Collocation |Dictionary in Serbian Language [1]
      Reflectionon one Type of Ergonims in the Serbian Language [1]
      Regarding a Question Posed in Naš jezik of Year 1936 [1]
      Revisiting the Verb Trebati: Theory, Usage and Norm [1]
      S Ćirilovom Or Ćirilovim (Оn the inflection of the last names ending in -ov, -ev, -in in standard Serbian) [1]
      Some characteristics of the adjectives with prefixes o- and po- in contemporary Serbian language [1]
      Stojan Novakovic as a Linguist [1]
      The Approach to Serbian Words on and neko in Line with Current Theoretical Views [1]
      The Construction Pod+Assusative Witn The Temporal Meaning [1]