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      In the Second Half of the SASA Dictionary : Twenty Volumes of the Serbian Tesaurus [1]
      Ironic Idiоms in the Serbіаn Languаgе [1]
      Kirsten Malmkjaer (editor) et al.: The Linguistics Encyclopedia, Sесоnd Edition [1]
      Lexical Morphology, Meaning, and Inflecional Моrphоlogy of the Nouns Ending In -ist(а) [1]
      Lexiсаl Моrрhology And Sемаntісs on the Nоuns Ending in -lас and - теlj In Stаndard Serbіаn [1]
      Metaphoric Meaning of Zoonyms Relating to Human Charactertraits [1]
      More about the Phenomena of Spoken Language (Descriptive Form of Gossip Discourse) [1]
      Morphology in Serbian Grammars in the First Half of the 19th Century [1]
      Narrative Discursive Form of Gossip [1]
      Negative Marking of Adjectives Ending with -av in Contemporary Serbian Language in Contrast to Other South Slavic Languages [1]
      New Names for Sweet-Water Fish in Serbian [1]
      Non-Formalised Usage of Antonyms in Lexicographic Articles of SASA Dictionary [1]
      Notes on tenses forms in the language of Laza k. Lazarević [1]
      Novaković’s Poslanica on the Nurturing of the Serbian Language – its Nature and Significance for the Development of Serbian Lexicographic Thought [1]
      On Declension of Nouns with the Meaning of Relatives in Syntagmatic Relations [1]
      On Forms of Phytonym Nalep [1]
      On some Aspects of English Language Impact on Usage of some Constructions in Serbian Language (Based on Constructions najbolji ikad and broj jedan) [1]
      On Some Formative Variable Types of Adjectives Indicating Colors [1]
      On the Adequacy of the Expressions (s) obzirom (na to) da i (s) obzirom na [1]
      On the Grammatical Definition of Personal Nouns in Serbian Lexicography [1]