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      A Contribution to the History of Serbian Lexicography (a Collection of Words in Manuscript Form by Vuk Stef. Karadžić as Part of Corpus Material for the Dictionary of the Serbian Academy) [1]
      A Person with a Small Head in the Speech of the Svrljig Area [1]
      About the Basis of Lexico-Gramatic Meaning of Verbal Words for Voting Activities and Movement in the Space [1]
      About the Importance and use of the Perfect [1]
      About Verbal Prefixation and Prefiks [1]
      About Verbs Fromthe Domain of Sadness [1]
      Baraba — ein europäischer Dialektismus [1]
      Basic principles of Mihailo Stevanović in presenting the units of lexical system [1]
      Categories of Number and Countability in Serbian Culinary Terms [1]
      Cognitive Observations on Phraseological Units Containing Lexeme glava (head) as a Constituent in Serbian Language [1]
      Destiny of Cyrillic by Literary and Scientific Testimonies [1]
      Discourse of the Description Functioning as Definition [1]
      Doublet Forms and Homonymic Nominations of Ethincs and Ktetics (from Oikonyms in Vojvodina ) [1]
      Džus, đus and djus [1]
      Expressive and Stylistic Usage of the Collective Nouns with the Suffix –ija [1]
      Faeries in Sasa’s Dictionary of the Serbo-Croatian Literary Language and Vernaculars [1]
      Features of the stereotype „mother“ based on the thesaurus dictionary of the contemporary serbian language [1]
      Figurative Meanings of the Lexems Denoting Geographical and Atmospheric Terms in Serbian Language [1]
      Figures of Speech Of Harmonious Contradiction in Secondary School Students’ Expression [1]
      For a Rational Approach to the Standardization of Language – An Example from Serbian Syntax [1]