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      Church slavonic žlъděti ‘desiderare, cupere’ – relict or innovation [1]
      Church-slavonic language in Serbian education system [1]
      Cilices у Сингидунуму. Белешке из војничке топиграфије и епиграфике [1]
      Citrate assisted solvothermal synthesis of beta-NaYF4: Yb, Er up-converting nanoparticles [1]
      Citrate-based zinc-polyaniline secondary cell: Part I: Optimization of the citrate/chloride electrolyte [1]
      City-text and toponymy and local identity construction [1]
      Civitates peregrinae in Illyricum in the times of the Principate based on the evidence of Pliny the Elder's Naturalis historia and epigraphic sources [1]
      Civitates peregrinae у Илирику у доба Принципата према Плинијевој Naturalis historia и епиграфским изворима [1]
      Classical tradition in the Glasnik of the Society of Serbian Letters [1]
      Clauses of Cause with the Conjunction ako in Contemporary Serbian [1]
      Clausius–Mossotti relation fractal modification [1]
      Cleaning and Desinfection a Part of Water Suplly System Ušće Zemun – Piramida New Belgrade [1]
      Clerical program of the Roman Catholic Church in Croatia for the 20th century [1]
      Climate Services for Resilient Climate Planning of the Natural Heritage—Serbian Experiences [1]
      Clogg Richard: 'A concise history of Greece” [1]
      Clothing as a Symbol of Charity and Soul Salvation in Late Medieval Kotor (Cattaro) [1]
      Coated calcium phosphate scaffolds for bone tissue engineering produced by foam replica method [1]
      Cognitive Units in the Structure of Word Soul Concept in the Serbian Language [1]
      Cognitive-discursive approach to the verb study [1]
      Collection of the Photographs in the Archive of The Institute of Musicology SASA [1]