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      Communist Ideology and Academic Education. A Case Study: World Music History as a Subject in Romanian Universities, 1948-2014 [1]
      Community role in heritage management and sustainable tourism development: Case study of the Danube region in Serbia [1]
      Compaction pressure's influence on density and electrical properties of sintered cordierite-based ceramics [1]
      Comparative fractal analysis of Valeriana officinalis roots shrinkage during drying [1]
      Comparative lexicography of Slavic languages [1]
      Comparative morphological and crystallographic analysis of copper powders obtained under different electrolysis conditions [2]
      Comparative properties of composite poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)/poly(acrylic acid) implants synthesized using ultraviolet and gamma irradiation [1]
      Comparative study of biodegradable polymers on the particle size, surface morphology and encapsulation efficiency of ketoprofen loaded nanoparticles [1]
      Comparative study of the effects of different nanomaterials on the viability of human osteoblast-like cells [1]
      Comparative study on noble metal based nanocatalysts on different supports for low temperature fuel cells application [1]
      Comparison of the release of selenium nanoparticles from poly (є-caprolactone) microparticles in four different degradation mediums [1]
      Competitions as a form of public gusle playing performance [1]
      Compilation of words from various parts, predominantly from Vojvodina by Jovan Jovanović Zmaj in the Corpus of Dictionary of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU) as a Contribution to the Development of Serbian Standard Language [1]
      Complement Sentences – Complementizers of Causative-Manipulative Verbs [1]
      Composer of the Revolution: Scriabin’s idea of the Mysterium – the total work of art [1]
      Composing with Quantum Information: Aspects of Quantum Music in Theory and Practice [1]
      Composite PLGA/AgNpPGA/AscH nanospheres with combined osteoinductive, antioxidative and antimicrobial activities [1]
      Composite PLGA/AgNpPGA/AscH Nanospheres with Combined Osteoinductive, Antioxidative, and Antimicrobial Activities [1]
      Composition of red mud and/or metakaolin-based modified geopolymers [1]
      Composition, morphology and structure of DLPLG/HAp nanocomposite fabricated in the field of ultrasound [1]