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      Compressive strength and microstructure of ordinary cured and autoclaved cement-based composites with mechanically activated kaolins [2]
      Compressive Strength Improvements of Cement-Based Composites Achieved with Additional Milling of Metakaolin [1]
      Concept of multiprocessor robot control system [1]
      Conceptual Framework for the Social Vulnerability Assessment to Natural Hazards in Serbia [1]
      Concerning Certain Syntactіc Functions of Nouns Like Man, Woman, etc. [1]
      Conducted synthesis of nanostructured oxide powders with tailored properties [1]
      Conflicts over Dobruja during the Great War [1]
      Connotative grouping of verbal associations based on the semantic characteristics of verbal stimuli [1]
      Consequences of the Affective Turn: Exploring Music Practices from without and within [1]
      Contacts between Duklja/Zeta and the Apennine Peninsula in the Middle Ages as a Topic in Montenegrin Periodicals in 1835–1941 [1]
      Contemporary Dental Ceramics [2]
      Contemporary musical historiography and the problems of the methodological approach [1]
      Contemporary Serbian Lexicography in Theory and Practice [1]
      Contemporary Urban Folk Music in the Balkans: Possibilities for Regional Music History [1]
      Contextualization of early modernism in Serbian music: Case studies of two works from 1912 [1]
      Continuous biodiesel production under subcritical condition of methanol – Design of pilot plant and packed bed reactor with MnCO3/Na-silicate catalyst [2]
      Contrastive Grammar of Serbo-Croatian and Polish Language an Methodological Aspect [1]
      Contribution à l’étude du parler des Juruks de Macédoine [1]
      Contribution of Ljubica and Danica Janković to Establishment of Ethnochoreology in Serbia as an Academic Scholarly Discipline [1]
      Contribution of performance studies to regional popular music research: “Tamburica Fest” as performance [1]