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      Cataphoric use of Serbian impersonal genderless pronouns ovo, to, ono in cleft sentences [1]
      Category of degree in the Serbian language [1]
      Catégorisation aspectuelle des concepts [1]
      Catherine II’s The Early Reign of Oleg: Sarti, Canobbio and Pashkevich Working Towards an Ideal [1]
      Catherine Merridale, Lenin on the Train. London: Penguin Books, 2016, 353 p. [1]
      Causal-Implicative Relationships in the Serbian Hypotaxis : Complex of generative complex sentences [1]
      Causes and consequences of climate change [1]
      Cell response to intraperitoneal pdms/HAp composite implant [1]
      Cell-selective toxicity of hydroxyapatite-chitosan oligosaccharide lactate particles loaded with a steroid cancer inhibitor [1]
      Centering Theory, Transitions and Referent Marking in the Corpus of the Written Serbian Language [1]
      Ceramic materials and energy - Extended Coble’s model and fractal nature [1]
      Certain microsyntactic constructions in Russian which include the word čto as a constituent element [1]
      Cesium removal from aqueous solution by natural mineral clinoptilolite [1]
      Challenges of torrential flood risk management in Serbia [1]
      Changes in Storage Properties of Hydrides Induced by Ion Irradiation [1]
      Changes of HAp/PLLA biocomposites and tissue reaction after subcutaneous implantation [1]
      Changes of Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of Nickel-Manganite Ceramics Induced by Additional Mechanical Activation [1]
      Changes on the Serbian throne in 1370–1371: an attempt at reinterpretation [1]
      Chanting of the Inner Space: On Symphonic and Concertante Works by Milorad Marinković [1]
      Chapter 1 - Biomedical inorganic nanoparticles: preparation, properties, and perspectives [1]