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      Civitates peregrinae у Илирику у доба Принципата према Плинијевој Naturalis historia и епиграфским изворима [1]
      Classical tradition in the Glasnik of the Society of Serbian Letters [1]
      Clauses of Cause with the Conjunction ako in Contemporary Serbian [1]
      Clausius–Mossotti relation fractal modification [1]
      Clerical program of the Roman Catholic Church in Croatia for the 20th century [1]
      Clogg Richard: 'A concise history of Greece” [1]
      Clothing as a Symbol of Charity and Soul Salvation in Late Medieval Kotor (Cattaro) [1]
      Coated calcium phosphate scaffolds for bone tissue engineering produced by foam replica method [1]
      Cognitive Units in the Structure of Word Soul Concept in the Serbian Language [1]
      Cognitive-discursive approach to the verb study [1]
      Combined FTIR and SEM-EDS study of Bi2O3 doped ZnO-SnO2 ceramics [1]
      Common Elements in Slavic Folklore [1]
      Common scale features of the recent Greek and Serbian church chant traditions [1]
      Common slavic *komońь 'horse' [1]
      Communication and analogies between music and image: Dragutin Gostuški's theory of screen [1]
      Communion songs not regulated by the typicon in the recent tradition of Serbian church singing [1]
      Communist Ideology and Academic Education. A Case Study: World Music History as a Subject in Romanian Universities, 1948-2014 [1]
      Community Planning Priorities [1]
      Community role in heritage management and sustainable tourism development: Case study of the Danube region in Serbia [1]
      Compaction pressure's influence on density and electrical properties of sintered cordierite-based ceramics [1]