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      Back to Serbia: Life Stories of the Remigrants from the United States since the Beginning of the 21 st Century to the Present [1]
      Back to the Future: Popular Music and Time (18th Biennial IASPM Conference in Campinas, 2015) [1]
      Baedeker und Meyer - Ein Bild der Balkanhalbinsel für Reisende [1]
      Balkan Ekspres miks Zorana Simjanovića - status pesme između arhivske i originalne muzike za film [1]
      Balkan folktronica бенда Архаи: српска етно музика преосмишљена за британско тржиште [1]
      Balkan kao simbol kulture u srpskoj muzici prve polovine XX veka [1]
      Balkan or Border Warfare? Glimpses from the Early Modern Period [1]
      Balkan Sprachbund — Unity in Diversity [1]
      Balkanološki institut [1]
      Balkans as a cultural symbol in the Serbian music of the first half of the twentieth century [1]
      Baltic Musicological Conferences: National Music Historiographies and Transnationalism [1]
      Baraba — ein europäischer Dialektismus [1]
      Barium titanate stannate functionally graded materials: Choosing of the Ti/Sn concentration gradient and the influence of the gradient on electrical properties [1]
      Barium-zinc-titanate ceramics [1]
      Barokne reference u delima Vlastimira Trajkovića [1]
      Baron de Tott - Munchausen's Role Model as Modernizer of the Ottoman Army [1]
      Baroque references in works of Vlastimir Trajković [1]
      Basic Lexemes of Relative Kinship in „Serbian National Puzzles“ of Stojan Novakovitch [1]
      Basic Philosophical texts in Medieval Serbia [1]
      Basic principles of Mihailo Stevanović in presenting the units of lexical system [1]